The Willa Carson Health and Wellness Center (formerly the North Greenwood Health Resource Center) was founded by Willa Livingston Carson, RN to meet the needs of uninsured residents in her community.  Her vision was to bring a free, easily accessible clinic to the heart of the North Greenwood community in Clearwater, Florida.

Through her compelling personality, Willa Carson was able to secure volunteers from the community’s churches, various agencies and local government offices. The original Center opened May 4, 1997 in two rooms at 1001 North Greenwood Apartments.   Immediately after opening, Mrs. Carson worked tirelessly to secure the additional funding of $300,000 to build a permanent facility for the North Greenwood Community Health Resource Center on city-owned Brownfield property. The Center moved into the new facilities in December 2000.

Services are provided to uninsured adults (ages 18-64) who meet the income criteria.  Call us at (727) 467-9411 or email info@WillaCarson.org to see if you qualify.


Still going strong, the Willa Carson Health and Wellness Center has provided over 50,000 patient visits and educational services. The clinic currently provides the following:

  • Primary Care for adults (18-64 y.o.)
  • Well- Woman Services, Gynecological, Birth Control
  • Lab work
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Mental Health Counseling (short-term)
  • Health Education Workshops
  • Referrals to Specialists


To provide culturally sensitive, quality healthcare in a friendly environment.


A healthy community where quality healthcare is accessible to all.


Pastor Carlson S. Childs Sr. Board President
Joe Heastie Board Treasurer
Felicia Moore Board Secretary
Joan Rosalyn Atkinson Member
Andrea Clark Member
Ernestine Heastie Honorary Member (Daughter of Willa Carson)
Thomas Hinson Member
Thomas Sherman Member
Gregory K. Showers Member
Patricia Taliaferro Member
Mohammad Yamani, MD Medical Director
Kimberley Nunn-Crawford Executive Director
Debra Campbell Office Manager


After volunteering at the Willa Carson Health and Wellness Center I feel like im making a difference in my community. To be able to help give someone the gift of health is an amazing feeling. To know the struggles some of these individuals go through im truly blessed knowing that im apart of something bigger then myself. Jeff M Clearwater

• Volunteer •

non-emergency primary health care

treating health conditions

educational classes


The Center’s primary source of funding is through grants, in-kind donations and fund-raising events. You can help!